The Entrepreneurial Center
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Learning to become an entrepreneur
College Students or graduates are always looking for different ways to earn money. 

I strongly believe that teaching you how to think and act like an entrepreneur is the single largest benefit you will derive from our program. Don't get me wrong, teaching you a trade combined with our support will offer you fantastic opportunities. But if you can't think and act like an entrepreneur, then you will make both our lives very difficult, and the success of your business will be harder to achieve.

Once you know how to think and act like an entrepreneur, you will always achieve a modicum of success in your life. This is true whether you start a business with us as partners, or decide to work for someone else (corporation,etc.). Our training program is different from anything you might learn in school. Our training program is designed to get you to make decisions about some of the following:

  • Choosing a trade or business you want to start.
  • TEC will give you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the businesses.
  • Should the business be a store front, home based business, internet oriented, ect..
  • Tec will have several opportunities to make money while you are still in school.
  • Find the right location for the business.
  • Provide the proper market research for each of the businesses.
  • What questions should be asked for each business.
  • A TEC hands-on training center for some of the businesses.
  • A TEC relationship with an outside trade school.
  • Should you have partners, and if so what kind.
  • How to promote the business.
  • How to utilize our membership to insure success.
  • TEC opportunities to invest your money in TEC businesses, from movies to restaurants.

Besides teaching you how to think and act like an entrepreneur at our school, these are just some of the items that will be covered in the training program. and also in our on-line training site.

As I mentioned earlier, starting a business is one aspect of our program, but just as important our aim is to teach you how to think and act like a business person.

The TEC training program will have a "What's New" section that will feature what I call "Daily Talk." We will identify what is happening in the outside world that has an impact on The Entrepreneurial Center; We will discuss what is new with our organization (new trades, update information on other trades, etc.) that can directly impact you. We will also have an "Entrepreneurial Terminology" section where we will define and explain various business words or phrases. We will even have monthly multiple choice quizzes all designed to make you think like an entrepreneur.

The TEC training program will have a FAQ section that will be expanded as more members have questions that we have not dealt with in our major training topics.

The TEC training program will expand each week as we continually add topics that we think are important. In addition, we will also be adding more information on new trades, etc..

You will learn how to prepare The Entrepreneurial Center's (TEC's) Business Plan. It is specially designed just for our members. The focus of our business plan concentrates on why "you," want to start a certain "business," in a certain "location." It will deal with how you intend to "market" the business and much more. Since we are partners, both of us will make that decision.

The TEC training program will have several opportunities for you to earn money while you are still a student. I believe this will be one of the more interesting parts of the program. Might as well start learning about the business world now,hopefully make some money while you are doing it.

TEC looks forward to having you become a member and staying as a member for a long time. The world of the entrepreneur is changing very rapidly. Just a short while ago it seemed as if the world economy was growing very fast and now, it has slowed to a crawl. It is important to know how this will continue to impact The Entrepreneurial Center.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that "you can't own your own business and become successful at it." Your future is in your hands. OK, it is also in our hands. Together we can make your dream become a reality. We only ask that you meet us half way.