The Entrepreneurial Center
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Choosing a trade

If all we did was just teach you how to think and act like a successful business person, some might say that would be a lot. TEC has decided to go into a direction that no other company dare go.

There are many businesses or trades that can be taught in a short period of time, that can realize our members a nice profit each year. The Entrepreneurial Program will offer you many trades to choose from. Most of the trades from TEC started businesses will be taught at our school and also at our on-line site. Some will require follow up at our “hands-on” training locations, and others will be done in outside trade schools that we support. As mentioned in other informational pieces TEC will also implement businesses and products that are unique to a recession. Our primary goal is to first teach you how to think and act like an entrepreneur and give you an overview of some of the trades and businesses that TEC will offer.

TEC will offer you many ideas on businesses and trades that can be started while you are still attending school. This will be done as soon as you have completed at least 3 to 4 months of our training program. TEC will also listen to members who might have their own ideas about trades they think should be considered for TEC support.

TEC will also include unique businesses and products that are able to be promoted nationwide. Only graduates will be able to participate in these TEC owned stores, businesses, products and services. These will be identified several months into your training program.

The Entrepreneurial Program will include a wide variety of businesses from store front to sales.  We will also be involved in businesses such as home renovation, automobile repair, photography, home based businesses, TEC company owned businesses and stores, the health care industry and the entertainment industry. Opportunities will range from opening up your own store, home based business, and internet oriented businesses. Regardless of the business you may enter, always remember that TEC's primary goal is to expand these businesses to other locations.

TEC will do everything in it's power to give you as much information about the different trades that we support. Inside every business is another business waiting to emerge. The majority of TEC's financial support will be coming from government, corporation, individual, and private donations to our not-for-profit TEC training programs and centers.

TEC understands that we live in a changing world and believe that as entrepreneurs we have the ability to initiate new businesses. TEC businesses will compete with established businesses in quality and price. The TEC training program will also include businesses able to be started on the internet. TEC has the ability to move quickly and decisively when starting new businesses, a big TEC advantage. Once TEC has enabled your mind to think like an entrepreneur the number of businesses and trades available to you will increase dramatically.