The Entrepreneurial Center
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Frequently Asked Questions
              1. College Students or graduates are always looking for different ways to earn money.


              1. WHY SHOULD I JOIN AND BECOME A MEMBER OF TEC? TEC is a true business network for high school students and graduates. We are the only organization that will teach you how to think and act like a successful business person, give you the opportunity to learn a trade and start up a business, put up the up-front costs for the business, and partner with you to help insure success of the business. We also work with outside trade schools and offer a full support program. If this isn't reason enough to join – then nothing I can ever say will convince you.
              2. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO JOIN THE TEC PROGRAM?  Once we purchase the Entrepreneurial School, the 9 Month Program will be funded through the Federal Student Loan Program.
              3. WHAT IF I DON'T QUALIFY FOR THE FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM?  The TEC Program will also have it's own scholarship program for deserving students.  Many corporations or others will also donate funds to the TEC Center
              4. I WON'T GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS (OR I AM IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL). WHAT CAN I DO TO GET INTO THE TEC CENTER PROGRAM? First and foremost you have to stay in school. Second, The TEC Center Program will also have an on-line entrepreneurial program that will be able to join to learn how to become a business person - and also to get involved in TEC businesses.
              5. WHEN CAN I OFFICIALLY START A FULL TIME BUSINESS? It is our intent to allow members to start a full time business after they have graduated high school or received their GED or graduated college. Graduates of the TEC School Program will all be offerred a position in one of the TEC Businesses. 
              6. AFTER I GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL I INTEND ON GOING TO COLLEGE (OR, I AM CURRENTLY ATTENDING COLLEGE). HOW CAN THE TEC PROGRAM HELP ME? We always encourage everyone, wherever possible, to get their college degree.  However, 50% of students do drop out of college (30% the first year) - we will always be there for you. 
              7. WHAT KIND OF TRADES OR BUSINESSES WILL I BE ABLE TO CHOOSE FROM? The TEC Center Program is not just about teaching the student how to think and act like a business person.  We are about starting businesses for all our graduates.  From store front businesses (like the TEC Café (similar to Starbucks), TEC Cigar store (We will expand this nationwide), and other store front businesses.  We will be in home renovation to the entertainment world (music, movies, etc.) . We do not want to identify our marketing strategy here but there will be a tremendous choice for our members. TEC will also work closely with several outside business vendors.
              8. IF I HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA FOR A CERTAIN PRODUCT OR SERVICE, WILL YOU ALSO SUPPORT THAT VENTURE? Yes. When you graduate our program and are ready to work in a TEC businesses, or want to start a business of your own, we will definitely listen to what you have to say and see if we can also incorporate it into our program. Remember, we are all entrepreneurs and it would be foolish for us not to consider your proposal.
              9. DO YOU ALSO HAVE TRADES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? Yes. TEC will also be involved in producing movies, TV shows, and supporting rappers and other entertainers. We will promote good painters and other artists through our network. Part of our hands-on training program will include having a recording and film studio. There will be plenty of room for those who have a talent to at least promote that talent. Robert Goins, co-founder of the TEC Center Program (also known as Master Ice), is heavily involved in the music industry
              10. I HAVE SOME PAST INDISCRETIONS AND OTHER PERSONAL ISSUES THAT MIGHT IMPACT ME GETTING A JOB. IS TEC STILL FOR ME? Yes. We do not care about your past. We do care about your future. We can show you how to take your "street smarts" and turn that into a person who can become successful in the business world. When you own your own business – your past is your business. You might not be able to get certain permits or licenses – but most businesses will not require one. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. No more excuses about how unlucky you are. Good luck is finally in your hands.