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THE TEC CENTER PROGRAM -- AND --  Welcome Letter from SENIOR MANAGEMENT of TEC to Potential Members
Jack Finkelstein, Robert Goins, and Jeff Pearson (co-founders of the TEC Program) welcome you to The TEC Center (TEC) Entrepreneurial Program.
We are in the process of purchasing a nationally accredited trade school with Title IV abilities. The nationally accredited trade school allows us to open a school in any city in the USA and add programs (such as an entrepreneurial / business program) to the school.  Title IV allows individuals to enter the Federal Student Loan Program (whereby the government upfronts the cost of the education).

The first schools will open up in the New York City area to include Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn and other boroughs.  We will then expand to nearby states and cities - and then nationwide.

We are in the process of purchasing a nationally accredited school with Title IV abilities (should be complete by the end of the 4th Quarter 2020. That means that every individual with a high school or GED degree should qualify for Federal funding to the TEC 9 Month Entrepreneurial Program at the school. TEC through a separate for-profit corporation will offer all graduates of our 9 Month Entrepreneurial Program a job and a partnership in that business. We also have excellent opportunities for churches who want to join our marketing program and recommend their members or family of members for the TEC Program. The TEC Program will be the first of an entrepreneurial training and jobs program.

The TEC Program is designed to assist individuals in becoming successful entrepreneurs.   The Program has also started many businesses that our members can take advantage of after their training.  We have just opened our first Cigar Bar and Coffee Lounge in Philadelphia (Pierson Geoffreys Cigar Bar and will be expanding this businesses nationwide.

For those of you waiting for the TEC School to open (forecasted 2020) - please keep reading.

Our program is designed for those who are still going to high school and get them to "Stay in School" or for those who have dropped out of high school - to get their GED Diploma.  The TEC Center Program is a life-changing program for every individual - regardless of their age.  We strongly believe that learning how to become a successful entrepreneur, with our help in providing jobs, can lead to financial success.  More businesses will be added during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Here are some of the individuals we can assist:
 - An older experienced person who is looking to work for themselves and have the desire to succeed.  This can include military veterans, single moms and dads, and for those individuals who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.
 - Recent high school or college graduates who can not find a job and are looking to start their own business - with our assistance.
 - Individuals still going to school (middle school or high school), or those who recently dropped out, and convince them to stay in school in order to take advantage of our program.

The following information is to convince individuals in urban areas to stay in school.

TEC can and will help you become a successful business person - if you just stay in school.  We intend on taking this message to most inner city schools, faith based organizations, the politicians, major corporations, the business community, entertainers, and others - people who talk about helping to solve the problem - and now they (you) can.  The TEC Program also gives lectures to student in schools on the importance of not dropping out.

Why will students come to our lectures on Staying in School: Because we are going to donate hoodies, skullies, and other items from our clothing line to get them to show up (see  Robert Goins, co-founder of the TEC Center Program, also known as "Master Ice" is well known in the music industry.

Why will students listen to what we have to say: Because the TEC Center Program is the light at the end of tunnel for all those who want to become financially successful - and become owners or partners in TEC businesses. It does not matter how young you are - it is never too young to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

The role of the student is to stay in school and get their high school or get their GED Degree.  Our role, through the TEC Center Entrepreneurial Program is to teach inner-city kids how to think and act like a business person and start the businesses that will hire all our graduates - and also make them partners in the business.  We understand that college is not for everyone.  We also understand that we can teach "street smart" individuals how to be "business smart" - with our help.

The TEC Center Program will include the following:
 - A 9 Month Training Program for individuals with a high school degree or GED who qualify for the Federal Student Loan Program (we anticipate 90% will qualify).  We will also have our own scholarship program for other individuals.
 - For students who are still attending high school or middle school that want to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, we will have a special on-line program that they can participate in. 
 - These individuals will also be able to participate in many TEC businesses.  You are never too young to learn how to become a business person.

Here are just some of the items that you will benefit from becoming a graduate of the TEC Entrepreneurial School.

  • TEC will teach you how to think and act like an entrepreneur, a successful business person.
  • TEC will teach you a business or trade that you can start up. If you want to be your own boss one day, TEC can help you make this happen.
  • We will consider a business or trade that you might come up with that makes financial sense.
  • TEC also has a relationship with outside trade schools to give you additional opportunities to open a business.
  • We will provide the initial financing and start-up costs to start the business venture. This is a fantastic opportunity that is only made available to TEC members and graduates of our school.
  • We will partner with you to help insure success of the venture. TEC will be there every step of the way to support the venture.
  • We will help promote the business venture. TEC will also have a very aggressive marketing program for all the businesses that we are involved in.
  • We will help expand the business as it becomes successful. TEC will take advantage of every opportunity that arises, including expansion of a business. This is true entrepreneurial success.
  • Once you become a member of the TEC Center Program, whether a worker, a student in our 9 month program, or member of our on-line program, your success will be tied in to our success.  If you have a high school degree, a GED, A stay at home mom or dad, a member of the unemployed, military or just want to one day own your own business or partner with us in one of our businesses, TEC will show you how to succeed. With TEC, there is no need for a resume. You want to impress us,  stay in school, become a member, learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, choose a business or trade you might want to enter (we will go over these at a later date) - and together we will succeed.

    Once we get started, we will have a TEC Entrepreneurial School in your city  - very soon.

    We thank you,

    Jack Finkelstein, Robert Goins and Jeff Pearson