The Entrepreneurial Center
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TEC Sales Representatives

The school dropout rate is currently impacting every major city in the United States of America. The Entrepreneurial Center (TEC) is a New York based company and that is why TEC is starting our program here. TEC's goal is to expand it's program to some of the biggest cities in the 50 states.

TEC is also looking to expand it's program nationwide and many of our potential students will come from those who drop out of Universities and Colleges. While the majority of the TEC sites in larger cities will have 20,000 students each, TEC realizes that a percentage might have fewer students. Regardless of the number of students, each of these locations will be highly profitable.
TEC is looking for representatives (TEC SALES REPRESENTATIVES) who want to promote the TEC program in these colleges, universities and cities. TEC will consider high schools that have a large student population. TEC's data base will control the number of members from each location. This is a fantastic opportunity for TEC's members to also earn money while they are in school. In addition, this is also an opportunity for members who are willing to move to another city and manage one of the locations.

A TEC Sales Rep will receive a fee for each member that he or she signs up as a member. A TEC Sales Rep needs to go through our training program and be knowledgeable about all aspects of TEC.

TEC Sales Reps can earn bonuses for setting up an entrepreneurial program on campus and working with local merchants for our “hands-on” training center.

The need for individuals to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur does not change no matter what city they live in. If you add in our additional advantages then you begin to realize that this is a program for everyone. Once our program is promoted to the local schools we anticipate that each TEC location will be able to hit the ground running as students join the program.

The type of individual we are looking for should have the following qualifications:

    • Some form of management experience. The TEC Program will require an individual who is a take-charge person. Must be presentable and have the "entrepreneurial" spirit.
    • Must live in the TEC location they are promoting. Must have a good knowledge of the city they will be responsible for promoting our program to the high schools (and colleges) to working with local merchants.
    • Have an excellent knowledge of the TEC program.
    • Believe in our mission. This is not just about making money. We strongly believe that our program can make a difference to millions of individuals

This is an excellent position for a TEC Center graduate who has good interpersonal and marketing skills.