The Entrepreneurial Center
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Special Education & Others

Senior level management of TEC has recently met with representatives of Special Ed students. From those who are physically disabled, attending Special Ed courses, CPS students, stay at home students, and others. TEC strongly believes that the training program and all the advantages that it offers are perfect for you.

This is what the TEC program will accomplish for it's members:

    • We will teach you how to think and act like an entrepreneur, a successful business person
    • We will teach you a business or trade that you can start up.
    • We will consider a business or trade that you have interest in.
    • We will recommend and support outside trade schools that is on our approved program.
    • We will provide the initial financing and start-up costs to start the business venture.
    • We will partner with you to help ensure success of the venture.
    • We will help promote the business venture.
    • We will help expand the business as it becomes successful.

      You will not find another organization that will offer you these type of advantages. Another advantage for you is that you can learn our program at your own pace when we put up our on-line training site. There is no rush in learning how to become an entrepreneur. The TEC training program is also designed for members to open a home based business. The TEC program will give you the opportunity to get involved in many businesses. Success is just a membership away.

      As mentioned earlier, whether you are home-schooled, a special ed or physically challenged student, the TEC program wants you as a member. Remember, we need you as much as you need us.