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The Silent Epidemic 

There is a tremendous problem with kids dropping out of schools
all over this country. 25% to 50% of high school students do not
graduate. The fact is that approximately 50% of college students
also do not graduate, 30% the first year and 50% over 4 years.
This situation is known as The Silent Epidemic.

Sometimes it is important for students, and others interested to
look at school drop out rate statistics. All too often we live in our
little world and do not realize what the rest of the nation looks like.
Sometimes we think we are the only ones that bad luck is
happening to. Well, the silent epidemic of individuals who drop out
of school is beginning to sound like a big roar.

Here is some information about why students drop out.

  • Studies have shown that more than 80% said their chances of staying in school would have increased if classes were more interesting and provided opportunities for real -world learning.
  • Approximately 33% left for personal reasons (to get a job, become a parent, or care for a family member) and 33% cited "failing in school" as a major factor.
  • Parental involvement is also a critical factor, with students whose parents were only "somewhat" involved or "not very" involved in their schooling more likely to drop out. Many of these parents only became involved when they realized their child was in danger of dropping out and by then, of course, it was usually too late.
  • Those students who for a myriad of reasons do not think that college is for them, see no hope for their future. Once they realize that a good paying job is not in their future, then why bother getting a high school degree.  



Additional reasons for dropping out of school:

  • It's too easy to skip school and/or not attend classes.
  • They do not feel like they belong is school.
  • It is to hard to catch up after falling behind in class.
  • They are not getting the help they need.
  • It's not "cool" to be a good student / get good grades.
  • Negative environment: Crime, Drugs, Friends who dropped out.

Things that motivate students to stay in school:

  • They want to obtain a good job after earning a diploma.
  • Further their education in the future.
  • Set an example for other family members.

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