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Whats New?

We are getting close to achieving our financial goals to purchase the TEC School.  The right accreditation will give us the ability to open a school anywhere in the USA.  Title IV means that the students will qualify for the Federal Student Loan Program.  Our program is scheduled to a 9 month entrepreneurial program.
Learning how to be a successful business person requires more than just the information we provide you during our 9 month entrepreneurial program. The world of the entrepreneur, and especially TEC, is impacted by many events. The economy, the government, corporate America, interest rates, terrorism – the list is endless. Everything you see in the news impacts the business world. People get older and the need for home health aides increases. The Mumbai, India massacre increases the need for security personnel at hotels, airports, and other buildings and locations. Change in the weather can negatively impact homes (roof, siding, windows, etc.) that will need to be fixed. A weak economy means people spend more money fixing their cars instead of buying new ones and fixing their shoes instead of a new pair. What seems simple is really common sense. You will soon find out that having a good "common sense" will help you become successful. Our aim is just to remind you of some common sense solutions to what might seem to be difficult situations.

Many of you attending school might not be too interested in the news or might be getting your news from the media that has no interest in the world of the entrepreneur. TEC will react to these news events and summarize for you, hopefully not in a boring way, how it impacts you and us. Having a basic understanding of "business" events, and terminology will also give you the confidence you will need to become successful in any business venture.

Understanding the business world will also help you decide what business you might want to start up. The WHAT'S NEW section will also help those students who might not be ready to start a business for a year or more. TEC will also be adding a new business or trade, or additional information on current trades in our program each month. It is important to keep up with all the opportunities that will be made available to you. TEC is the business network for high school (and other) students and graduates.

Take advantage of WHAT'S NEW.

Here are some of the major categories that WHAT'S NEW will discuss once we start:

ENTREPRENEURIAL TEC TALK                                                        

This area will highlight those items that impact TEC. We might be updating information on current and new businesses; Talk about TEC expansion into other cities; All items that impact TEC and you.

ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS TALK                                   

This area will highlight how world events is impacting the business world – and indirectly you.

    ENTREPRENEURIAL TERMINOLOGY                                                   

    TEC wants you to be a smart business person. This means that you should have a basic understanding of business terminology (words). We will choose a word or two each update and explain it to you.