The number of students who drop out of high school range from 25% to 50% nationwide.  It is over 50% in the inner cities.  If you want to attend the TEC Entrepreneurial School one day then you must get your high school or GED degree. 

TEC will give you the opportunity to learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, a business person. TEC will give you a choice of many trades and businesses to learn. TEC will upfront the cost of starting the business. TEC will partner with you to help ensure the success of the business venture. TEC is the only program that offers these types of advantages.

Once you know how to think and act like an entrepreneur and have the support of TEC you can become as successful as your dreams and talent will take you, with us standing by your side.

As I mentioned in my opening letter to potential members, this is what our program will accomplish for students who enter our program: