The TEC Center Program (TEC) can make a positive impact in your child’s life today and in the future.

Whether they are an A student or a special education student, they will one day need to enter the working world. If they do it with us, they can become as successful as their abilities and dreams allow. They no longer have any excuses as to why they can not be successful.

TEC is a fantastic opportunity available to your child. This is an entrepreneurial movement that can help guarantee their financial future. We will train, support, and partner with them. The government will upfront the cost of their education and we will pay for the up front costs of starting the business to all graduates of our 9 month Entrepreneurial Program at The TEC School. Read about all the advantages that we can offer your child and help them make the decision that can change both your lives.

All parents want what is best for their children. But they can’t always do it alone. As a parent, you can provide shelter, food, and whatever luxuries that you can afford. Once your kids go to Middle, High School, or College, your child’s environment has a bigger impact on their lives. All too often many parents have their own issues such as separation or divorce. Some parents need to work multiple jobs just to get by, Some might live in a high crime area. Some just don’t have the money to send their kids to a good school. Parents sometimes realize there is not much more they can do to impact their child’s future when it comes to getting a job when they graduate. College graduates are having trouble getting a job. Imagine how difficult it is for high school students and others.

The 9 Month Program is available for those individuals with a high school or GED Degree and the majority will qualify for the Federal Student Loan Program. 

We can give them hope where there is none. We can help inspire a young person to change their way of living and hopefully, to do better in school. In some cases, they can even earn money while studying in our program.